New Google Nexus 7 announced! ‘Coming Soon’ to India; Chromecast?

Google has finally done it, the wait is over, for Indian fans not yet. But this time it seems Google is paying more attention to India, on the Indian Play Store it’s listed as ‘Coming Soon’. As always there seems to be no word on exactly when.

Nexus 7 coming soon to India
Nexus 7 coming soon to India

Owing to launch of a new model the old Nexus 7 is now listed on the Indian Play Store as Nexus 7 (2012).

Apart from this Google also launched a streaming device for TVs, called Chromecast. Earlier Chromecast was up for order  with a free 3-month subscription of Netflix. Due an overwhelming response for the $35 Chromecast is no more coming with the 3-month free plan.


Google Chromecast

Indian Play store link for Chromecast shows ‘Chromecast is not available in your country’ which means there’s a very thin chance that Chromecast will ever be officially available in India.



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