[100% Working Key] Free Anytime Upgrade for Windows 7

Get Free Anytime Upgrade for Windows 7 and upgrade from Windows 7 Home Basics, Home Premium, Professional to Ultimate Completely Free Keygen.

I will share Windows 7 upgrade key, windows anytime upgrade key, windows 7 anytime upgrade key, upgrade key for windows 7, windows upgrade key for windows 7. Keys updated in April 2023.

Windows 7 Ultimate Free Anytime Upgrade
Windows 7 Ultimate Free Anytime Upgrade

Still using Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional? Now you can upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate Completely Free using this Latest Keygen.

How to Upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate for Free

  • Make sure Internet is working on the PC
  • Navigate to Control Panel
  • Click > Windows Anytime Upgrade
Free Anytime Windows 7 Upgrade Keygen
Free Anytime Windows 7 Upgrade Keygen
  • You will be asked for Windows Anytime Upgrade Keys
  • Enter the Keys which I have provided below according to the version of your Windows 7
  • Click on Accept > Upgrade
Free Anytime Windows 7 Upgrade Key Latest
Free Anytime Windows 7 Upgrade Key Latest
  • Some process will run for a while
Free Anytime Windows 7 Upgrade Hack
Free Anytime Windows 7 Upgrade Hack
  • After that, it will show you that you have successfully upgrade your machine to Windows 7 Ultimate
Free Anytime Windows 7 Upgrade Key Download
Free Anytime Windows 7 Upgrade Key Download

Windows 7 Home Premium Key


Windows 7 Professional Key

  2. 6RQ9V-6GCG4-8WV2H-966GF-DQ4DW
  3. 32KD2-K9CTF-M3DJT-4J3WC-733WD

Windows 7 Ultimate Key

  2. 342DG-6YJR8-X92GV-V7DCV-P4K27

Soon, I’ll post details about upgrading to Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 for Free as well.

121 thoughts on “[100% Working Key] Free Anytime Upgrade for Windows 7”

        1. to verified is less than minute, to update will take less than 10 minute, it might take longer depending on your internet connection

    1. it will work if you enter key for another windows version.Example if your window is 7 home premium you can upgrade it to professional by entering key of professional.

  1. Hi there.Thanks for sharing this. I’m using Win 7 Home Premium. and I used the Product Key upgrading to Ultimate. Mahalo!

    1. The upgrade key hasn’t worked for me and I’m still trying other o es for wi Dow pro. It’s for a edition of windows not a upgraded key

  2. Hi Bro, Keep up the good work, It really works even online (while connected to the internet ). This is worth mentioning coz most of the Pro version keys sometimes need to be disconnected from the web before the work.

  3. It is working …….yeahhhhh …..thanks man …you are awesome…… I I uptade to windows 7 ultimate by using first product key ….thanks again

    1. I recommend Ultimate If you want all windows 7 features, Professional if you do need it i guess. and I do recommend Home Premium If you want to stay with a bit more features while still within the “Home” Range. if you want aero, Home Basic does not include aero support.

  4. is working but finish that also is windows 7 ultimate,can’t upgrade to windows 10!! help meeeeeeeeeee

  5. Worked just fine upgraded from home basic to ultimate.
    For those it didn’t worked….just enter the key and when error msg pops out close it and restart system.
    It will work 100%.

  6. Works for me, you need to use the key that’s for your version of Windows, if your unsure try them all it’s not that hard, if not you must really not want it to bad.

  7. I have windows 7 profession and I upgrade it to ultimate by entering ultimate key. While doing this your computer must have an internet connection.

  8. Still works for ultimate! I went from home premium to ultimate. Didn’t think it would work because this is an older post

  9. surprisingly these actually instead of just being randomly generated not working product keys for once

  10. The upgrade key you have entered is for an edition of windows that does not work with windows anytime upgrade. Enter a different upgrade key.

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