How to Extend Validity of your BSNL Mobile Number (Updated 2020)

Post Updated on November 2020 as per new BSNL Portal Website changes.

Today I’ll show you how you can extend the validity of your BSNL Mobile Number by recharging it online through BSNL Portal.

How to Extend BSNL Prepaid Mobile Number Validity Online

  • Head over to BSNL Portal by going to this link. BSNL Portal
BSNL Portal Online Recharge
BSNL Portal Online Recharge
  • Click on Recharge and enter details like Mobile Number, Email ID
  • On the next page, select PLAN > Plan Extension
  • Now you’ll be required to select your Plan and according to which you’ll have to pay for extending validity.
  • You are required to know about your current plan before you select the plan for extending validity. Do so same, send one SMS from your phone – PROFILE to 52244 (Toll-Free)
  • In-reply message will give you information about your current plan.
  • Once you have that information, go and select the same plan in the BSNL Portal site.
BSNL Validity Extension Plans Recharge
BSNL Validity Extension Plans Recharge
  • Once you select the plan, it will show you the amount are you required to pay.
  • Make the payment and the validity will get extended on your BSNL Mobile.

Extend BSNL Mobile Number Validity using Main Balance (New Method)

You can also extend validity of your BSNL Mobile Number using main balance. To extend validity of BSNL GSM Mobile Prepaid Number type a SMS “EXT VALIDITY” and send to 51505 and follow the instructions.

BSNL has improved a lot since this post was published. Now to extend validity, just keep sufficient balance in your main account. The main balance would automatically deduct off on the last day of validity and will get extended.

Follow this Guide if this is not working for you. LINK

If you face any problem with this, do let me know.

213 thoughts on “How to Extend Validity of your BSNL Mobile Number (Updated 2020)”

      1. i got msg from bsnl that my account will be exhausted balance is null wat i need to do to??i am from surat,gujarat.

          1. My Account balance more than thousand. But validity expired. How to extend validity through Main balance

        1. My bsnl recharge message coming after recharge validity is expired and recharge of 99 is not but paytm message is saying recharge is had done but not come balance in my phone so what to do

      2. Hello Ayush

        I am getting a problem to my BSNL no to extend validity please help. It is showing like ” Dear Customer, plan denomination/voucher selected is not applicable to this plan”. How it works, Number is barred

  1. My plan is no more available in the drop down list. How to extend the validity for “Wonder Plus” ? Please help

    1. Hey Madhavan,
      I checked it from BSNL guys and they don’t know about such plan. Please comment with your number so I can get it checked and will help you regarding same.

  2. Hey…can u plzz help me..
    My bsnl prepais sim(Karnataka) validity expired on 26th january…
    I got a message frm BSNL ppl to use RC70 plan…will that work??

  3. My data plan is data 561 . But the validity was only 30 days. Now I have 4 gb left but there is no validity. The data plan is not there in the drop down list. Could you please help me

  4. My data plan is data 561 . But the validity was only 30 days. Now I have 4 gb left but there is no validity. The data plan is not there in the drop down list. Could you please help me?

    1. I’m afraid. Please give me a day. I’ll get it checked with BSNL guys and will get back to you.

    2. Hey Anitha,
      STV 561 is for 30 days, after 30 days it has to be recharge again. Type ” ACT DSTV561″ and send to 51505 to recharge again using main balance. I hope it helped 🙂

  5. Hi…My BSNL prepaid mobile plan is 2G Anuraga under Karnataka scheme..I got a message saying it is getting expired in another 2 days..The plan is not there amongst the plans mentioned.How do I extend the validity.Your help would be appreciated.Thank you.

        1. Check SMS Center number. Also is your number already expired? In case its expired, SMS don’t be delivered.

          Otherwise, try the online method. Recharge with suitable amount.

          1. No problem. Just recharge with validity extension and the number will start again.

          2. Hi Ayush. My BSNL plan is Plan_8 (not coming in the drop down). And current period is GRACE2, dont know if can extend the validity. If yes, by how much amount?

            Please help.

          3. Hi Suraj, please call BSNL Customer Care. I think the plan is not available now and you must have been shifted to some other plan.

  6. I have recharged validity pack of my bsnl no 8895727254 but yet when calling to any no,,reply coming that aap ka validity khatam ho gaya hai krupaya recharge karae

  7. hey… i m not able to know my current plan. When i sent PROFILE to 52244, it says incorrect keyword. Please help.. Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi Ayush,

        I am presently in Nestham_29 bsnl AP plan. How much i have to recharge it to extend its validity? And also let me know how to migrate to other plan through sms mode.


        1. Hey Sai,
          Check BSNL Portal site or try SMS method. Else call BSNL Customer Care – 1503. I’ll ask BSNL guys about BSNL migration and will let you know very soon.

          1. thanku ayush……………. I went thro’ steps given to extend validity n it really worked.
            The info given is very very helpful n easy to follow.

  8. PROFILE to 52244 is not working.. i am getting “Invalid keyword. Try again” and its not Toll Free, I am being charged Rs. 2 for each SMS to this particular number.

      1. Hmm.. May be its area dependent or something.. Anyway great finding.. Upon reading the comments it seems like many people are benefited from this.

        1. Yeah I think might be area specific. I got that information from BSNL Gujarat regarding SMS Validity Extension.

          1. I am in region of BSNL Karnataka. By any chance do you happen to know the “correct command” (like PROFILE) to get info about your current plan for Karnataka region?

  9. I am in roaming network. Also i have roaming pack activated. Will this validity extension plan stated above work in roaming network also. please help.

    1. Hey Sweta,
      Validity can be extended wherever you are. And it has no relation with the roaming pack you have activated. Validity amount and recharge depends upon your base plan.

    1. That’s not possible. You’ll have to get the number activated again from BSNL Exchange.


  11. i m using tamilnadu bsnl simcard now i m in manglore. . My validity its over after 5 days so i want extend my validity. if i extend my validity means How much i want to recharge plz help me.

    1. If its expired, you’ll have to contact BSNL Exchange. This article is for extending validity.

  12. Hi,

    my bsnl mobile validay date will be expire on 08 Jul 14 . I tried through SMS “EXT VALIDITY” and send to 51505 for validay. but reply recived, this service is availabe to Gujarat prepaid subscriber only. Please confirm.

  13. thanks a lot..!!! i could extend my validity finally wth Rs. 42 plan….thts grt…actually i tried for two days wth recharge value of Rs. 111 and 68…bt cudn’t extend…i also lost tht money….

  14. Hello, My sim is of West Bengal circle.Its validity has expired on 9th July.Now i am outside West Bengal and using a different sim.But i want to keep my BSNL sim active. So plz suggest me how can i make my sim validity extended atleast for 6 months or so. I have tried to recharge both 36 and 42 plan. But both of these failed. Plz suggest way out.Thanks.

  15. I have my validity for BSNL prepaid in Karnataka till 30 AUG’14.

    When I recharged in March with FRC36, it says, unlimited validity if 200INR spent in 6 month. I have spent in thousands already but I still see expiry on 30 AUG.

    Can you please look into it and reply if it will be extended automatically after 30/08/2014?

  16. Hi Ayush,

    I followed your steps and see that my plan is Cauvery_ktk however in the dropbox I see only Cauvery 72. Is it the same plan? I am unsure. Please help since my validity is only up till Aug 12th

  17. hi mera name swathi hai..main andhra pradesh me rehti hu….meri pblm yeh hai ki bsnl sim lifetime nahi hai isiliye 6months pay main recharge kar k validity extnsn kar raha thi hu..lekin iss bar main recharge ki toh validity extnsn nahi hua aur kal hi mera sim expire ho gya hai….plzzz help me main kya karu jisse wo phr se start ho jaye plzzz help me……..plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. my plan 3g-nestham in ap circle is going to expire in few days. To extend validity life time or 1-2 yrs what should i do ,should i take a new plan ! and how much should i pay ..plz give me list of validity extension days and amount…plzzzzzz

  19. When I tried to extend validity by Ext validity SMS to 51505, reply came that this SMS service is for Gujarat prepaid subscriber.

  20. Hello ayush, when I try to do validity extension recharge after proceeding for payment the page comes back to mobile no and email details.. Can u figure it out what is wrong with it..I am from uttarakhand, 757913xxxx.. Thanx in advance Bro

  21. Even in this age of technology……. it seems bsnl is running with morse code standard technicqes….. opss…..sorry morse code works fine….. its foolproof not like bsnl

  22. I had gujarat BSNL 3G data now it’s validity expired but I am not aware of recharge amount of gujarat circle .pl confirm the amount so that I can again use my 3G data

    1. I had gujarat BSNL 3G data now it’s validity expired but I am not aware of recharge amount of gujarat circle .pl confirm the amount so that I can again use my 3G data

  23. My validity expired on 10/07/2014.. I’m jst getiin netwrk.. if i extend my validity, ll it apply?? coz i hv crossed my grace period!!

  24. my sim card is already expired , so i don’t know my plan . as result i can not extend the validity online. also
    card is already expired i can not do it by sms method. any ideas how to proceed ?

  25. my plan General how to validity extend?whwn i was recharging quickbay bsnl ,validity plan list General plan not available

  26. Hey,
    I dont know why does this happen, and even in bsnl office people seem to give me no answer, they are blabbering out some shit and am just losing money all the time. Last time almost a month back i recharged for 2gb and it said some 3g network error and in few days after no reply from customer care i went to the office and they told me my validity expired and poof my money gone..nil data in my card and now after recharging from the office itself fr 561 i used 5 gb since and it got exhausted and while ago i recharged for 561 and same issue 3g netwrk is not working.. I mean how do i sort this.. lost almost 800 bucks like that??!! Insane! Help me out!

    1. Where are you from Meghna? Did you try reaching Nodal Office? They would help you for sure. And even if the issue remains the same. Please comment here again.

  27. thanks a lot………. i have been trying for recharging but yours was the most simplest and easily done. Really great for your suggestion

  28. Hi,

    I have a BSNL number from Chennai region. My plan is “StudentSpl Neo” (*123#). This plan is going to expire in another 2 days. Today when I checked with local BSNL office, they said this plan can’t be extended anymore and I have to move to a different plan. Is that true? I want to continue in this “StudentSpl Neo” plan itself. How can I extend its validity? Any help?

  29. Hello,

    I am out of India now, and I have my BSNL number with me. Previously it was showing the range here, but now its not showing the range. Below is the current status of my number,
    “Current Status :
    Your Current balance is Rs.86 And Expiry Date is 19/01/2015”

    How can i extend the validity of my SIM.? And why it is not showing the range now.?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hello Suraj,
      Please extend your validity as soon as possible. Call BSNL customer care from any BSNL mobile number or visit nearest BSNL Centre.

          1. hi ayush,,,,my plan is going to xpire but i dnt knw how to xtnsn dat plan again,,, even i send a sms also but its not gng ,,still its saying retry retry retry,, ,,very irritating,,so pls kindly help me

          2. Hi Please call BSNL Customer Care – 1503. They’ll give you details about your plan and then recharge accordingly.

  30. I wanted to extend validity from main balance as I have 150+ main balance. But the sms is not working . I have per second plan.

  31. Hi! Validity of my bsnl mobile got expired about 2 month ago i e on 20/11/2014 . Can i extend it by recharging online.

  32. Hi.. My students special plan is going to expire on 27 th January. I have tried to extend by sending SMS.. But not working.. What to do and how to extend the validity of my number.. Thanks in advance

  33. My bsnl mo isn 94754xxxxx and its validity is already finished. also I don’t know about the plan. How can I extend the validity.

  34. Hi,

    Just call 1503. Know your plan. My plan was SEC plan. Either go for 36 recharge for this plan or better message PLAN CONTINUE to 123. your plan will get contiune for another 6 month.

  35. Hi i have wonder plus bsnl plan(chennai) expiring tomorrow. But bsnl says i cant extend plan validity. i have to migrate to nesam gold which will happen automatically from main balance on expir date.
    am to tally confused. please guide me what to do. i want only plan for calls and sms.. no need for internet access.

  36. Thanks, Mr. Ayush Gupta for your advice on extending the pre-paid phone validity over the Net. Please keep up the good work.

  37. thanks mate…. that EXT VALIDITY to 51505 really worked….. but I have a question, which is I do had a anant life time offer still why do I need to extend my validity with no talk-time recharge?????
    My number is 94286xxxxx. Please lemme know.

    1. If you have Lifetime validity number, then there are some policy according to which you have to use min. Rs. 200 in 6 months so as to keep it active. Please clarify same with BSNL Customer Care – 1503

  38. Hiiiiii……I need your help
    My plan is nestham andhrapradesh bsnl
    I can’t find i my plan in validity extension
    What to do….

  39. Hello Sir,

    I have bsnl sim card but currently i’m out of the country. But i need to check the validity of my bsnl sim card. Can you tell me any possible way within today or tomorrow pls? Its little urgent please…

    1. Check from BSNL Portal Website. Proceed with any recharge and on one page, it will show you option to get validity and current balance. Reply back if you need any help with your mobile number. I’ll get it checked for you.

      1. Thanks for ur sincere reply… As u said i tried in that “bsnl portal” and it showed me like

        Transaction Details
        Mobile No :
        Current Status :
        Your Current balance is Rs.0 And Expiry Date is 20/01/2015
        Voucher :
        Amount :

        Please select the option and click on ‘Make Pay’ button.
        *All credit cards/ Debit cards/ Netbanking/ others (powered by BillDesk)

        In this stage, as my validity finished by January can i proceed with recharging? r it is mere wasting the money? What can i now? again thanks a lot…

  40. Hello,

    I Have a BSNL prepaid sim and currently am in UAE . As BSNL prepaid don’t have International roaming’s, am not able to check validity through dialling number or SMS but I did through BSNL quick recharge as you suggested in earlier reply’s . I got validity message as follows.

    Transaction Details

    Mobile No :

    Current Status :
    Your Current balance is Rs.107.383 And Expiry Date is 05/06/2015

    My question if I do online plan extension is it must that I select my present plan to extend validity? Also it will be extended even if am not in range as I will be back after few months only.

    Please advise.


    1. You’ll have to select your current plan while extending validity. Yes, your validity will be extended even though you are not in range.

      1. Thanks mate.. I did it extended by 180 more days from today.

        One more thing. I heard as per TRAI regulations if we got minimum balance of Rs.20, SIM will not be cancelled even if there is non usage for more than 90 days. But I heard providers like IDEA charge monthly Rs.20 for non usage and ultimately when balance fall down below they cancel sim. Does BSNL also doing same?

        1. I’ll have to get that checked Bibin. The policy which you are stating about cancellation is for lifetime cards. You have to use Rs. 200 in 6 months inorder to keep the card active. I’ll get it checked with BSNL and will let you know asap.

        2. I got it checked from BSNL. You don’t have to do anything. Just the validity extension will do the job. Let me know if you need any help.

          1. Yes. The SIM will be active as long it is in validity. Let me know if you need any help.

  41. i have one BSNL prepaid sim. But it is last recharged in DEC 2014. Now already over 7 months.
    The sim is working and SMS is coming in it. But online recharge & call to customer care is not working.
    How to get it functional.

  42. The validity of my mob is goibgcto expire on 12,8,2015. Reveived msg from bsnl to extend validity by paying 37/-. online recharge is not being completed. Pl help

  43. i am not haapy with using bsnl..i want to remember you that till today i could not conversation with customer care…but still i am using

  44. recently my BSNL mobile number voice calls validity expired and no outgoing calls going, so please give me suggetions friends

  45. Hi Ayush,

    I am out of the country for about a year
    My BSNL prepaid card must have stopped working.
    Is there a way I can revive my number through internet and check that it is active.


  46. ******RELALLY ITS WORK NICE HELP ***************
    You are required to know about your current plan before you select the plan for extending validity. Do so same, send one SMS from your phone – PROFILE to 52244 (Toll-Free)

  47. My bsnl no is showing outgoing bars on 1st feb 2016 and i can not make any call nor any one can call me no number is working after dialling it automatically cut down showing call ended 9454xxxxxx

  48. Hey my validity has beem expired what to do. And i am having balance of rs. 181 but still it is expired. Bsnl customer care no. Bhi nahi lag rha what to do plz help

  49. validity has expire.I can try to top up recharge for 250 but recharge can’r success.what I do.plz help me.

  50. I want to extend my prepaid number validity what is the plan can u help me ….this is my number 82728xxxxx

  51. Hey Aayush, My bsnl prepaid number is 94276xxxxx, i don’t remember my plan at all as this card is belongs to my father. now its validity is over. how to recharge for validity??. B’coz once i tried to recharge of 96rs with validity of 1 year from paytm app but not succeeded.

  52. Sir, my bsnl validity is already expired. I have tried to recharge validity through paytm or other ways , but it isn’t recharging and message pops up like BSNL declined your order.
    I have tried to recharge my top up plan also, it’s also not working.
    Note: My number has not expired yet.

    Please kindly give me some suggestion to extend my validity. Thanks in advance….

    1. Is it showing network? If yes, call BSNL Customer Care or visit your nearby BSNL Exchange. The system isn’t accepting recharge for your number.


  54. My BSNL sim card expired 2-3 years back. It’d subsequently got deactivated. The plan was Ex-cel, which is no more available on their list of plans. Is it possible to activate it again via the BSNL portal? I have another BSNL number (phone#2) with Mithram plan. Any chance of recharging phone #1 fro the main balance of phone #2.

    Its v. unfortunate that BSNL ppl don’t have a live chat facility yet.

  55. Hi, your page saved me from going to the bsnl office. Thanks alot. I did everything as you mentioned. I received a msg from bsnl stating tat my payment s successful but I did not get any msg regarding extension of validity. Could you highlight upon dis pls? TIA

  56. Sir my bsnl no.validity 9.10.2016 but unfortunate i am not b recharge so my no.temprorary basis closed sir plz tell me plan for again my no. Is on and validity extainsation plz help me.

  57. My plan validity is expired for prepaid sim and it’s showing to recharge before 02/02/2017.
    I don’t know which plan i need to recharge.
    Even you people don’t have any customer care number for MP.

  58. really very bad network is bsnl .bcz my exper date is 4 may 2017 .that day only I recharge 100 through online I think 3 months extended .but till same date 4 may 2017 .am in delhi I called customer but he says I cant help you this is ap number he gives num like 9444……I called but money is gone but no extended date .now my account bal 160 .but inactive account. every network give minimum 10 years exper what I do tell me

  59. Hi , My BSNL prepaid number validity is expiring every month and i am trying to extend validity through online portal. But i am unable to see the Nestham Plan in drop down list. Could anyone suggest me how to extend my number validity.

  60. Thanks a Lot. Was wondering where to approach like shops or BSNL center etc, Happended to extend Validity Online.

  61. I was get the reply that INVALID KEY WORD,after sending the SMS as PROFILE to 52244.
    My mobie no is 996663xxxx

  62. i m using Maharashtra bsnl simcard now i m in yavatmal . My validity its over after 5 days so i want extend my validity. if i extend my validity means How much i want to recharge plz help me.

  63. Hi,
    My dad uses BSNL, his plan was ending on Dec 2, we somehow forgot to recharge it b4 and recharged on Dec 3 via amazon with 499, the amount is debited but the offer dint add to my number. And when i checked the number became inactive, so i used what you shared and recharged with 36, now the it became active for a month but the 499 which i already activated with is not activated with this number, any help on this is highly appreciated.

  64. Plz reply to my answer Asap as validity of my plan is expiring today. Hence my main balance of some thousands too shall expire on 25th December 2020

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