Windows 8.1 launched! Features and Download link here

Microsoft started offering Windows 8.1 for all those Windows enthusiasts to test out its new features. You can download an  ISO image of Windows 8.1 from Windows Store Update. You can mount or burn it and install it on your preferred device. Also Check How to Download Windows 8.1 Preview

Windows 8.1 Logo

Let’s have a look at new features in Windows 8.1

Start Button

Microsoft discontinued the start button with Windows 8 which made many Windows lovers unhapppy. Most awaited and notable change is return of Start button. As before you can access start screen by pressing Windows Key. But sadly there’s no start menu.

Windows 8.1 Start Button

Snap View

With Windows 8 you could snap two apps side-by-side. In Windows 8.1, you can now snap four apps vertically on-screen. You can resize the apps by dragging them when you have snapped two apps side-by-side. This feature should please the multitaskers among us.

Photo App

Most of the native apps have been updated. Photos app has been updated too which brings new experience to photo editing. Image tweaking option has been added too.

Windows 8.1 Start Menu

3D Printing API

Integrated 3D printing makes Windows 8.1 the first OS to have native 3D printing support.

Windows 8.1 3D Printing API

3D Maps

Windows 8.1 brings 3D maps. Bing Maps are being taken seriously. Moreover there is no information regarding cities which will be covered.

Bing 3D Maps Windows 8.1


Can’t wait to test out Windows 8.1 on your machine? Check out this post which will guide you on how to Download Windows 8.1 (x86 or x64) for free!


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  1. Superb post admin . i was searching for these new version of Windows 8,i.e Windows Blue 8.1 . Thanx for free windows 8.1 download link .

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