Trick to Easily Capitalize words in Windows Phone 8.1

With the update of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has brought many features. Word Flow is one such feature. Word Flow is keyboard technology from Microsoft. It has the best text prediction and auto-complete.

Shape writing is one such feature which allows user to draw the word instead of typing. All you have to do is just drag your finger across the display to each letter and let the Word Flow keyboard to the rest. But there is a problem, it does not capitalize the word other than the ones in the auto complete dictionary. Even swiping to the Shift key doesn’t help in capitalizing the word.

WP 8.1 Word Flow Shape Writing

Trick to Easily Capitalize words in Windows Phone 8.1

  • First swipe the word and finish your statement.
  • Tap the word which you would like to Capitalize.
  • Hit the Shift key (Tap the Upper Arrow ↑)
  • Tap Shift Key one to capitalize the first character, twice to capitalize the whole word.

This is how you capitalize words on your Windows Phone 8.1. If you have figured out any other tricks or ways, do share them here!

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