Instagraph, Unofficial Instagram App for WP8 pulled off from Store

Instagraph, Unofficial Instagram App for WP8 pulled off from Store


There had been many apps in the store which offered social media integration, browsing ability but none of them could upload or share photos to the service. There were some possibility of official Instagram app for Windows Phone users but that didn’t happen. Instead, unofficial client came up – Instagraph.


Venetasoft’s launched Instagraph in Windows Phone 8 Store. Here are some worthy notes which you may want to go through before getting your hands on Instagraph.

Instagraph followed the patter of Instagram, it’s NOT free. Instagraph costs $2.49 and doesn’t come with free trial. Instagraph comes with lot of limitations, you can’t upload more than 3 photos a day! (It’s too less!) If you are new to Instagram you won’t be able to use this app. Instagraph can only be used by those having Instagram account. Make sure you get one account before buying Instagraph.

Instagraph Pulled Off

There are many privacy issues in using Instagraph. They don’t directly upload photos but your photos goes through their servers and are then uploaded. Developers promises that photos are immediately deleted from our servers once they are uploaded.

Users were reporting some many issues like photos of others users were being uploaded to their accounts. Photos being published after hours and so!

Due to privacy issues, Venetasoft has pulled off Instagraph from store. They have promised with a comeback!

Year Ending List: Top 5 Android Application

The year is coming to an end and we, here at Geek LTD have listed down Top 5 Applications for your Android smartphone. Take a look at the list and download them straightaway to your phone and enjoy some last days of this year 😀


Top 5 Application in year 2012 for your Android phone


1.      Zappos  zappos-play-store

Yes, best Android application for mobile shopping has been listed down in Top 5 Application for Android Phone. You can use Zappos to order latest styles for children, men and women. Best part if all you can do this from your Android phone. Zappos offer free shipping and hassle free return system makes it best android application for mobile shopping.


2.      Evernote  evernote-play-store

Ah! Here comes my favourite application of my Android phone, Evernote. This is must have application for every Android phone user. Evernote lets you capture pics, record memos and take notes on the go. Their organizer is so amazing that it won’t let you miss any important event ever. Interface is so easy to use and the best part is you can access them anywhere, anytime from home, office or at work.


3.      Pocket pocket-google-play

Here comes another productive app in our Top 5 Android Applications list. Pocket is offline reader which enables you to save videos, articles and much more on your Android device. Pocket sync your articles, videos timely so you can access your content from computer, tablet or your phone.


 4.      TED ted-google-play

TED brings talks from tech gurus, music legends, and education radicals directly to your phone. Stream all talks by remarkable people for free with TED. More and more videos/audios are added to the library each week. Don’t miss any talk with TED.


5.      Pixlr Express


One of the best application for editing photos meant for Android phone. Pixlr Express brings more than 600 effects, borders and overlays to edit your photos. You can even crop, remove red-eye and even whiten teeth all on your Android phone. All such pro features made available for free with Pixlr Express. I love this app more than any other image editing application available on Google Play. Pixlr Express makes your image editing experience like never before!


So here was the list of Top 5 Android application for the year 2012. Please share this list with your friends and let them know about it too. Also comment below with name of your favourite app J Happy New Year in advance!