Instagraph, Unofficial Instagram App for WP8 pulled off from Store

Instagraph, Unofficial Instagram App for WP8 pulled off from Store


There had been many apps in the store which offered social media integration, browsing ability but none of them could upload or share photos to the service. There were some possibility of official Instagram app for Windows Phone users but that didn’t happen. Instead, unofficial client came up – Instagraph.


Venetasoft’s launched Instagraph in Windows Phone 8 Store. Here are some worthy notes which you may want to go through before getting your hands on Instagraph.

Instagraph followed the patter of Instagram, it’s NOT free. Instagraph costs $2.49 and doesn’t come with free trial. Instagraph comes with lot of limitations, you can’t upload more than 3 photos a day! (It’s too less!) If you are new to Instagram you won’t be able to use this app. Instagraph can only be used by those having Instagram account. Make sure you get one account before buying Instagraph.

Instagraph Pulled Off

There are many privacy issues in using Instagraph. They don’t directly upload photos but your photos goes through their servers and are then uploaded. Developers promises that photos are immediately deleted from our servers once they are uploaded.

Users were reporting some many issues like photos of others users were being uploaded to their accounts. Photos being published after hours and so!

Due to privacy issues, Venetasoft has pulled off Instagraph from store. They have promised with a comeback!

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