Latest Flexi Combo BSNL Broadband Postpaid Plans 2014

BSNL Broadband Postpaid Plans

Here is the updated tariff list of Flexi Combo BSNL Broadband Postpaid Plans

Flexi Combo Offer comes with Internet usage as well as free minutes.

Flexi Combo BSNL Broadband Postpaid Plans All India 2014

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Inter and Intra Circle Call Charges/min in Rs.

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# For customers having ISD Facility, the security deposit charges shall be Rs. 2000/- irrespective of plan opted.


  • The above Flexi Combo plans shall not be applicable to Call centers/PBXs/PCOs/Cyber Cafes.
  • No discount of any type shall be applicable for the above plans.
  • Installation charges for landline and broadband shall be extra as applicable.
  • The rates indicated are exclusive of Service Tax, which will be charged extra as per prevailing tariff.

You can apply for Broadband Connection for All BSNL Broadband Plans using their online facility. Apply Online for BSNL Broadband Connection  or you can simply visit nearest BSNL Exchange Office.

17 thoughts on “Latest Flexi Combo BSNL Broadband Postpaid Plans 2014”

    1. Hey Ian,
      Are you asking me about the benefits given in Flexi Combo? Is yes, Flexi Combo are such plans which gives you benefit of two at price of one – Broadband as well as discounted call rates.

    1. Yes they are Unlimited but comes with FUP. So speed goes low after you cross allotted data. You can continue using but with a lower speed.

  1. Plz reply soon!!

    I read the flexi combo plans as “unlimited plans” on BSNL site. But when I inquired the same, BSNL executive only told me that it’s not unlimited. But you’re saying that it’s unlimited!! What’s the truth??

    1. It is Unlimited Sreenivas, but you’ll get low speed after FUP limit. Still confirm from local BSNL exchange.

  2. I think flexi combo plans are not unlimited plans as they have mentioned 30p/MB charges for additional use.
    A local executive told me that it will give 500rs broadband uses or the calls, but I am confused as how much is the rate before the additional use so that I can know how much data will I get in 500rs.
    Also I think 3gb is for free use, it is just for the speed limits.
    Do you have a clear information?

    1. As per the bandwidth stated on BSNL website. Its unlimited but comes with a FUP. The free usage is for calls. I will get exact details from BSNL guys and will reply asap.

        1. Yes Rajan. I had a word with BSNL and they told me that the Flexi Combo Plans DO NOT offer unlimited data usage. If you talk about Flexi General Combo Plan 500 plan for example. You’ll enjoy 3GB data at a speed of 2Mbps. One the data is consumed, your speed will be deduced down to 512Kbps and you’ll be started billing. They offer you 500rs usage for free calls and data usage. So after the 3GB limit, the amount will be start deducting from the 500rs balance. Thereafter you’ll be billed on Rs. 0.30 per MB basis.

          Do let me know if you need any further help Rajan.

  3. plz tell me that is upto 3gb data in Flexi combo Rs.500 plan is free with 2 mbps facility and then what is the charge of Rs.0.30 per MB…is there?plz reply.thanks in advance.

    1. I confirmed with the bsnl officials in port blair, according to them the amount we are paying is for the speed, in your case u will get 5000 Mb of internet usage for 500rs 0.10 per MB, 2Mbps for 3 GB beyond dat 256 kbps and once the plan amount is exhausted it will be charged 0.30 per MB.

  4. I have opted for FG combo plan 1500, Will I get 20 GB of free data usage and only after that 10 paisa per MB Can anyone plz help

  5. Can anyone explain me that If I go for Rs.750 flexi general combo plan, what would be my billing charges monthly?

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