Easy Steps To Secure your Wi-Fi or Wireless Network Connection


Today, I’ll show you How to Secure your Home/Office Wi-Fi Connection or Wireless Network Connection from hackers around you.

Secure to Tips WiFiThis is very useful as hackers might gain unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi network to perform illegal activities on your network. They can even steal your data, identity, passwords and much more. If they are able to have proper access, they can control your computer when you are away.

Why to Secure my Wi-Fi Network (Wireless Network Connection)?

  • Huge Bills: You’ll have to pay for data usage which you never had, applies if you are on Limited Data or Pay Per Use Plan.  Heavy usage will result in huge bills.
  • Stealing Data: Your data, files and other important data is at risk of being stolen.

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How to Secure my Wi-Fi Network (Wireless Network Connection)?

  • Turn on Encryption – WPA2-PSK

This is very important part of all. If you have Wi-Fi router, set its encryption to WPA2-PSK. WEP encryption is very vulnerable to hacks. There are plenty of hacks available on Internet where user can gain access to Wi-Fi encrypted with WEP. Make sure you are not one of those victims.

  • Disable WPS

Very important aspect in securing Wi-Fi network. WPS key are long randomly generated passwords. Tools takes minutes to some hours to get this key.

  • Turn on MAC Address Filters

If you access Internet on limited devices, you can turn on MAC Address Filter. This will disallow other devices whose MAC Address are not in white-list to connect to network.

  • Disable SSID Broadcast

Wi-Fi routers sends out their network name (SSID). You can choose to hide your SSID so other users can’t see this Wi-Fi. This is one such protective measure which will help you keeping out of hackers.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use

Turn off your Wi-Fi router when not in use. This will not only save your power but will also give hackers less time when cracking down on your network.


If you follow all the methods, you will be able to save your Wi-Fi network from unauthorized access. Also keep an eye on data usage. If you feel there is some extra usage being shown, other than your usage.  Contact your Service Provider. They will help you sort out the issue.

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