How to Change Home Button Click Speed on iPhone and iPad


If you are one of those having iPhone or iPad, you know how important the Home button is. It is used for many operations right from exiting app, multitask and much more. But sometimes your iPhone or iPad misread your action when you tap Home button. There is a easy workaround to set your own customized Click Speed for Home button. This tutorial is for both locked and unlocked iPhone

  1. Grab your iPad or iPhone and navigate to Settings app from the Home Screen.
  2. Select General tab.
  3. Now scroll down until you find Accessibility, select.
  4. Select Home-Click Speed. You will find it under Physical and Motor section.
  5. Choose any one – Default, Slow or Slowest.

Change Home Button Click Speed iPhone and iPad

You have successfully changed Click Speed of Home button on your iPhone or iPad. If you are not comfortable with current Click Speed, you can now change it according to your convenience. Also there are rumors of iPhone 6 launching very soon. You can check about rumors and release date of iPhone 6 at

One thought on “How to Change Home Button Click Speed on iPhone and iPad”

  1. Hi AYUSH,
    Thanks for the great post dude. I am searching for a way to change my iPhone’s home button click speed for the past few days. But I couldn’t find any. Since I am a newbie to iOS, i hesitated to try the unofficial methods. But with the help of your blog posts now i have done that. Once again thanks for sharing such an amazing post mann!

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