Connect Your Car to the Cloud with HERE Auto

Yesterday Nokia introduced HERE Auto, advanced navigation system for your car’s dashboard.

Internet connectivity is one such technology which can transform the working of devices to a huge extend. HERE Auto and HERE Auto Companion App aims to provide you premium experience out of your car.

Working of Nokia HERE Auto

HERE Auto and its companion app, HERE Auto Companion provides complete geo-location experience to you all the time.


HERE Auto offers really innovative and user friendly features. For instance, a helicopter view when you’re driving on a highway, a zoomed-in view when you’re in the city and street level images when you’re approaching the destination.

Offline Online Mode HERE Auto Features

Best part of HERE Auto is that it works on offline mode too. No matter you have mobile network coverage or not, HERE Auto is always there till you reach your destination.

HERE Auto shows you its real power when it’s connected to Internet. It will continuously update maps so you never take a wrong turn.

Good thing for car manufacturers is that HERE Auto is OS-independent and offer RESTful APIs by which automobile manufacturers can customize it according to their own needs, add more features and hence increase user experience.

HERE Auto Companion app for Android and Windows Phone

HERE Auto Android and Windows App

You can access your car right from your comfort zone (home, office, and playground) Yes, you can access it remotely. HERE when connected to Internet can be accessed from your Android or Windows phone.

You can find out where did you left your car (LiveSight) or have a eye on all the sensors in your vehicle (fuel level, tire pressure, temperature).

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