Best Browser Based Rail Road Game – Rail Nation

Rail Nation

Passionate about Rail Road and Rail Transport? Looking for something which feeds your hunger for it?

Travian Games have something for you, Rail Nation. Their latest browser based strategy game for American players with Rail Nation USA. Game is all about delivering goods and resources from cities to cities. The game starts with Steam Engine and advances over time as the player level up.
When I was a kid, I was fond of train engines and rail road. I would always try to sneak into the engine room to find what’s really inside it. This game got me goose bumps. I created my locomotive estate in Rail Nation USA game. I quickly began by selecting Boston as city and quickly level up. From delivering goods like fabrics, textiles and much more. The game is very exciting. The game story is quite interesting. We began with Steam Engines which are relatively slow and the rail road networks are cheap too. Once you level up and eras change, the game takes interesting curve! More and more resource are made available. Newer technologies and brand new electric engine, which is fastest among all.

Like all other free based games, this game also has premium currency which can be used to speed up or complete tasks. Unlike other games which forces you to buy premium currency time to time and annoy you with ads, it’s not the case with this game. If you have patience, you will have good time with this game. Completing real life tasks, research point or completing route of train, these are certain areas where you can use premium currency in the game.

Train Stations defines progress of your game. They are hub for upgrading building of your engine shed. With each function being upgraded, you’ll unlock certain level and area in the game. For example, you can increase storage, increase bank limit for your money earned. You even have to manage fleet of trains which run on various routes simultaneously. It’s quite challenging and exciting.


Game is purely based on USA and several of its location for Train Stations and resources. As I stated earlier how the game story is bit slow in the beginning but as the player level up, the network expands a lot. Your railway network keeps on increasing. Players have freedom to go in any direction and expand their network. However, you cannot lay our own track network. They are predefined and have to been chosen from the list itself.
Of course, it’s a best free browser strategy game. The best part is you won’t be annoyed by the ads which force you to buy premium currency. However, I will surely invest in the game. Rail Nation USA is recommended to both train and strategy game enthusiasts. Absolutely Train Game Rail Nation is best!

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