How to Create and Connect to Ad-hoc Network in Windows 8/8.1

How to Create and Connect to Ad-hoc Network in Windows 8/8.1

Windows 8.1 OS is turning out to be a big problem for WLAN Gamers and those who throw LAN Party. As you might be aware that many features are removed from Windows 8.1 and the most useful and needful – Ad hoc Network. I myself was unable to play games like Counter Strike and Need for Speed: Most Wanted with my friends because Windows 8.1 was unable to detect Adhoc Network.

Yes, you cannot create or connect to Ad-hoc Network while using Windows 8.1. I encountered this problem the very first day I upgrade. My friends and I decided to play Counter Strike: Condition Zero. To my bad, I was unable to even connect to Ad-hoc Network. To the worst, I found that option for creating Ad-hoc network was missing from Network and Sharing Windows. I thought there might be problem while up gradation or I must have missed any update. I Googled for the problem and realized that Windows 8.1 does not have this feature.

Anyways, this wasn’t a problem for me anymore when I found the quick fix for same. I found the solution from one of the forum.

Let’s see How to Create and Connect to Ad hoc Network in Windows 8.1

I have split up this article into two section

  • How to Create Ad-Hoc Network Connection in Windows 8.1
  • How to Connect to Ad-Hoc Network Connection in Windows 8.1

First thing first, How to Create Ad-Hoc Network Connection in Windows 8.1

Create Hotspot Adhoc Windows 8.1 1

  • Now Enter ‘1’ – Create a Hotspot

Create Hotspot Adhoc Network Windows 8.1 2

  • Enter SSID or Hotspot name – ‘GeekLTD’ for example

Enter SSID or Network Name Adhoc Network Windows 8.1

  • Enter Password or Key – ‘1234567890’ You can enter anything you wish.

Password Adhoc Network Windows 8.1

  • The Hotspot has been created on your Windows 8.1 machine

Hotspot Adhoc Network Created Windows 8.1Hosted Network Windows 8.1

  • To Disconnect – Instead of Creating Hotspot, enter ‘2’ so as to disconnect Hotspot

Disconnect Hotspot Adhoc Network Windows 8.1Stop Hosted Network Windows 8.1

Enjoy playing Most Wanted, Counter Strike, Warcraft or any other multiplayer game on Wi-Fi


How to Connect to Ad-Hoc Network Connection in Windows 8.1

  • Download this application sized 40KB, won’t hurt much 😛 [Adhoc Network Creator Windows 8/8.1] [Alternative link] (ZIP Pass –
  • Before you are able to connect to the Ad-hoc Network, you first have to know its SSID/name and Key/Password
  • Now navigate to Network and Sharing Center, right-click the Wi-Fi icon in right hand corner.
  • Click ‘Set up a new connection or network

Manual Wireless Connection Connecting_Ad_Hoc_Network_Windows_8_1_1

  • Now select ‘Manually connect to a wireless network
  • Enter the ‘Network Name’, select ’Authentication Type’ and type down ‘Security Key’ or ‘Password’ is required. Click Next and let the network save.

Filling up Adhoc Network DetailsAdhoc Network Hotspot Created

  • Open the program downloaded in first step
  • Enter ‘1’ – Connect to a WIFI Network

Connect Adhoc Hotspot

  • Again enter ‘1’ – Connect
  • Here you are required to just type down the SSID or Network Name. (Case Sensitive)

Connecting Adhoc NetworkType down SSID or Network Name

  • Now you’re done. You have successfully connected to Ad-hoc Network on Windows 8.1

Adhoc Network Connected

  • To Disconnect, enter ‘2’ and you’ll be disconnected from the Ad-hoc Network

Disconnect Adhoc Hotspot

Have fun with your friends sharing files and playing games like Counter Strike, Most Wanted, Warcraft! If you face any problem, do comment below. I’ll try to solve your problems :)

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  1. Abhishek says

    I have tried all the steps mentioned by u but its not working. Whenever I am creating any server it keeps on showing connecting and after sometime connection gets lost. My frnds are able to view my server but when they try to connect for them also happens the same. Please find a solution for me

    • Ayush Gupta says

      If you are trying to share Internet, check the sharing settings and select appropriate connection you want to share. But if its for LAN gaming, it will be limited. Limited shows there is No Internet Connectivity.

  2. Spencer says

    To connect to an Ad-Hoc network, is there a way to do the “Manually connect to a wireless network” part from the command line? I’d Iike to build a script to accomplish this, as I’m going to be having to do it frequently. I’ve already found the command line steps to accomplish the part achieved by the program you suggest downloading.

  3. Saad says

    I have done all the steps and I’ve done them again and then I did them yet again. The new adhoc network that I have made does not have internet access and I can’t understand why.

    Please help

    P.S. I don’t know if this matters but before following the steps in this tutorial I followed another tutorial that said that I should bridge the network connections of the ethernet and the wifi. If that has messed things up I don’t know but I felt like I should inform you just in case

  4. Juan Carlos Campbell says

    Doesn’t work for me, don’t know why. Once I connect my network disappear from the Network and Sharing Center. And my friends computer can´t connect to the network I created.

  5. haziq says

    Do I have to do both section?
    cause I try the first section only and my friend found my network and can connect it
    but in my Network and Sharing Centre, the connection dont look like someone connected to it.

    • Ayush Gupta says

      No, the guide is split into two parts. One to create and another one for connecting. If your friend has connected to the adhoc network. No need to follow the second part.

  6. haziq says

    why there no signal sign only Lan cable sign at the connection and it says Local Area Connection* 6
    Please help. Thank You

  7. Evan says

    For Some Reason the ad hoc program you provided works for creating but when I try to connect to it using the program it give me an error

  8. Vertiges says

    We got headaches with all previous solutions, except This One!! Fantastic! Easy to install, easy to run and above all, effective!! Many Thx.

  9. Masoud Hassani says

  10. Ahmed says

    hey bro thanx alot this thing really helped and i can playon my laptop without LAN cable but there is a small problem that i cannot connect to the wifi router afterwards, it doesnt connect to internet router after connecting to another laptop via adhoc connection……..any help will be appreciated ……waiting for ur reply…….
    thanx in advance ……!!

  11. Sanit says

    Hi I have created a network and my my friends are able to connect to network but when i create a server in cs then it is not showing any server to my friends..plz help

  12. Sanit says

    I can create a network and my friends are able to connect to that network but when a server is created in counter strike then it is not showing..plz help

  13. Carl Carlsson says

    Hi I get create a network to work perfectly but when i try to join the program just shuts down after i press enter (input ssid)
    any solutions?
    Trying to connect to a Mac network if that matters?
    Also the Macs can connect to my network but its a bit laggy any suggestions?

  14. partha says

    hello, my laptop runs windows 8.1 and I want to connect to other computers which runs windows 7 to play CS. Any solutions?

    • Ayush Gupta says

      Ask your friend using Windows 7 to create adhoc network. Use the above guide on your laptop to connect to that adhoc network.

  15. zulkarnain says

    Hi I have created a network and my friends are able to connect to network but then there still ‘0’ number of client and when i create a server in cs then it is not showing any server to my friends..plz help

  16. arnel says

    i spend many hours looking for an answer and there it is. hehe. thanks to you.. but i’ve already downloaded the file but it is encrypted. password needed.. how can i open it please. :)

  17. Arnel Ledesma says

    help me please… i have downloaded the file and have entered the right password but then a “winrar: diagnostic message” balloon popped up saying:
    Cannot execute “C:\Users\MYACER-1\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EX00.078\AdHoc Network\AdHoc Network.exe”

    what’s wrong with it? is it my laptop?

  18. Eric says

    I am trying to connect my surface 3(Windows 8.1) to hotspot created by my JoikuSpot(Nokia adhoc network). I am using your software and it can view the network it says profile modified successfully and the connection request was successful but I do not see it being connected on the wireless network(bottom right being managed by windows). I also do not see it connected on my JoikuSpot(Nokia Adhoc network).

    I can view the network, just not able to connect to it properly and successfully. Any ideas?

    • Ayush Gupta says

      Try setting password for it and see if its working or not. What’s the default authentication type on JoikuSpot?

  19. lieanter johnson says

    hello, i have succesfully created a addhoc using windows 8.1. The newly created network is visible in windows 7 but when when i enter the password it says network security key mismatch or something like that. My password was”qwerty” but when i entered it the win7 system says key mismatch as mentioned earlier. I have change the password and included numbers with it then also its not working. i dont know how this happends and i am fed up with this mismatch drama. i hope you guys know the solution any answers will be appretiated thanks in advance!!

    • Ayush Gupta says

      Delete the adhoc network you have created and setup new adhoc network. Say keep password – 123456789
      Let me know if this works or not. There is minimum character passowrd requirement for setting up adhoc network with protection level which the tool offer.

  20. Mustafa says

    thank you bros long life both of you
    i also a person same to you guys and want technology like water for my body
    when i read this just i have this question how you make such small program, from which programming language u guys used please help me to improve my ability i am computer science student
    at end i just want to say this we are all brothers — edited — ….. if u want to help please just email me at end thanks another time for such good trick

  21. Luke V says

    Whenever i enter the password to unlock the ad hoc archive it opens the program then says “An unknown error occurred. The program will now be terminated.” what do i do?

  22. nel says


  23. nel says

    and is it possible to connect to other ad hoc network without creating ad-hoc network i.e directly using the 2nd phase……??

  24. Edward says

    It says the network couldn’t be started
    The group or resource is not in the correct state…
    what’s the problem ?

  25. Sanit says

    I can create a network and my friends are able to connect to that network but when a server is created in counter strike then it is not showing..plz help


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