Top Things To Consider When You Buy A Dedicated Server

Are you thinking to buy a dedicated server? There are some features which you should keep in mind regarding the dedicated server and the dedicated server host. Selecting the right one depends mostly on the service package suits the needs of the customer as a whole. Let us discuss the top things to consider.

The first consideration when you buy a dedicated server

There are several operating systems which are used for hosting purposes so you need to consider which one to use when you buy a dedicated server. The most common are Windows and Linux. If you want to use code, Microsoft IIS or MS SQL, then Windows is the most suitable OS for you. Linux is suitable for you if you want to use open source stack like Ruby on Rails or Apache/PHP/MYSQL.


The hardware required is characterized by the specifications and the brand involved. The hardware parts which are branded are more reliable and serve longer life span. Server programs such as MYSQL or Apache rely on the speeds of the processor and server memory. The video and audio saturated applications and the sites need higher speeds of operation. There are two types of storage mainly which are SAS and SATA. SATA offers larger storage capacities which are cost effective while SAS drives are more effective for I/O intensive apps.


Bandwidth defines the connectivity between a server and its users. Dedicated servers require massive amounts of bandwidth for the desired performance level required for mass critical operations and heavily loaded applications and websites. The hosts use high powered networks through multi-provider bandwidth capabilities for achieving a high level of redundancy and almost 100 percent up-time. This is also an important consideration in choosing a hosting provider when you buy a dedicated server.


The location of the datacenter has a big role in evaluating the stability of the service. Servers which are housed in the datacenter which is located in the same region as the customer location are considered to be more expected to be efficient than those servers in the completely different region.


Support is another important consideration when you buy a dedicated servers. Dedicated server host has to provide quality of support to the customers. Several features characterize the support quality which is technical knowledge, response time, social skills and politeness. A good quality of support is needed 24X7 because the server has to be operated throughout the day and the week and there is no downtime expected.


A good dedicated server host supplies a large number of instruments which allow timely tracking of data usage and the server performance. The process of server monitoring is important and the various efficient tools have to be provided by the dedicated server host for effective monitoring.

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  1. Choosing the right one depends on one’s business needs. It depends on whether the package as a whole, suits particular customer needs and requirements.

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