How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages on Windows, iPhone and Android Phone

Receiving a lot of emails and comments from users asking about How can they easily recover their deleted whatsapp message. Good news for them, I’ve written this simple step by step guide to recover old deleted whatsapp message for Android Phone, Windows Phone and iPhone (Apple) phone.

How to Recover Old Deleted Whatsapp Message on Whatsapp


How to Recover deleted Whatsapp messages on Android Device:

Whatsapp make a security backup on your device periodically. If you wish to restore your old messages, uninstall Whatsapp first and then reinstall it again. It will automatically ask you regarding retrieving back old messages. Allow the application to do same and you’ll get all your old messages.

Note: You can change backup settings of Whatsapp from

WhatsApp -> (Menu Button) -> Settings -> Chat Settings -> (Backup Conversation)

And if you ever wish to access the backup files manually, just go to this path – /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/


How to Recover deleted Whatsapp messages on iPhone:

Even though iPhone version of Whatsapp doesn’t save chat history, there are workaround for this.

You can use cloud based service, iCloud to save your chat history online securely. To do same, install iCloud on your iPhone and log-in. Then go to iPhone Settings -> iCloud -> Documents & Data, turn it ON.

Now open up Whatsapp Application and go to Chat Settings -> Chat Backup and tap (Back up Now). Or else you can robotically make this possible tapping (Auto Backup) and selecting frequency of your backup.


How to Recover deleted Whatsapp messages on Windows Phone:

Same case of Android is here with Windows Phone. They are stored locally on the phone itself. Backups are not synced with online servers. So if you wish to recover back old messages, just Uninstall and Reinstall Whatsapp. Messages from backup will be automatically restored.


I hope this guide helped you in recovering back your old messages. Happy Whatsapping!!

70 thoughts on “How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages on Windows, iPhone and Android Phone”

  1. I suddenly lost all my contact nos as well as gmail in which all vontacts were to recover contacts and restart gmail for Lumia 525.pls help.

  2. Nice post. For iPhone users, you can even recover your chat history from your iTunes backup file using a tool called Backuptrans iPhone WhatsApp Transfer. Hope it helps.

  3. hii ayush,,
    i really want whats up back up on my lumia 710..i m unable to get it after making lots of efforts..plz help me

        1. hi. i deleted my whatsapp chats then uninstalled the application. now can i get back deleted messages and images?. i tried to reinstall but im unable to get back my old chats please help me

        2. hi. i deleted my whatsapp chats then uninstalled the application. now can i get back deleted messages and images?. i tried to reinstall but im unable to get back my old chats please help me. that time i used windows mobile now using samsung

      1. Hello

        I have a strange problem.
        My windows phone is prompting me to update my whatsapp, but when i try to via store, it says my app is up to date. Leaving me in no mans land. I cannot access the app to back up my messages and if i reinstall ill lose the old messages. Do you have any ideas please?

          1. Thanks for your reply.

            If i cannot get into whatsapp itself to backup all files to google drive. Is it possible to backup to google drive outside of whatsapp app?


          2. i am using lumia 520, i lost my old whatsapp messeges and i did not backup messages for fast five months. if anything possible to get my old messages when it was last backup

  4. I cant restore older messages in Whatsapp . And can I get back all my chats from a stated date ? If cannot can I just restore two days back chats ? Its a very important chat . Please do help 🙁

  5. hey buddy.. iam using whatsapp since sept last year. my phone is canvass 2. can i get the details of my chats from that time. on my phone. thanks buddy…your help is needed urgently.

      1. thanks buddy if u could tell the process like where to go in phone to know about the backup….iam not that good in tech…so it is requested that u may please tell like explaining to a layman.

  6. thanks buddy….but iam not that good in smartphones…so it is requested that if u kindly explain how we go on backup and then what we should do to get the messages

  7. i have tried using all sms restore backup files. nothing helped. when i download and open the xml file it opens like an excel spreadsheet. i want it in my messages….

  8. Can someone help me on how to transfer whats-app conversation from Lumia 710 to Android Phone!, i knew how to transfer from Android to Android. But in my Lumia phone (no external backup) i couldnt locate where the backups are getting saved. Firstly, Is it possible to transfer from Lumia 710 since it was a ancestor of all Lumia models! if yes, please assist me on this! thanks 🙂

  9. I have a problem I want to open a case,someone send me messages on whatsapp a year ago but now she is changing a story,how do i found my messages, the phone i was using in that time is not working but i am using the same number,please help me it is very very important

  10. hi hope i find you well, i have a windows phone Lumia 520 can i recover deleted old whatsapp messages ,it has a back up offcos but i just pressed it now is it still possible .Please help me sir your assistance will be greatly appriciated

    1. Make sure you have the backup file. Uninstall Whatsapp and again install it. This way it will prompt you to restore messages again.

  11. Hello …i wanna restore the messages from single number that I made a clear conversation plzzz any way to get the chat history back….
    my device Lumia 630 windows 8.1

  12. helo sir,
    i have nokia lumia 720 window 8.0 mobile, yesterday night i delete whatsapp mess accidentely, then i search on google about recovery mess.,then i follow same steps but my mess not recover….plse help me …

  13. Hey I delete my whatsapp yesterday on ma window phone so I reinstall its bt it not working I dnt knw wat to do plz help me I mic my whatsapp

  14. Hello,

    I lost my Whats app chat automatically , no idea why it happen , I tried to uninstall & than install again so I can restore my chat back but it didn’t , Is there any way I can get back my whatsapp chat back which I hve not deleted but it not showing on my Samsung phone , Its a very important chat & I need them ,,,,Plz guide me

  15. Helo sir mere pas windows nokia lumia 520 hai… Sir agar mein whatsapp ko uninstall karke reinstall karu to kya me apne sabhi messages recover kar sakta hu ? And sirr mein kafi groups ka admin bhi hu so jab me watsapp ko reinstall karta hu to me privious groups ka admin rahunga ya nhi? And kafi groups ka member bhi hu to reinstall karne ke baad me unn groups ka member rahunga ya nhi? Plz plz sir help me …

    1. Take backup of messages before you uninstall Whatsapp. Also phone memory card format mat karna. Varna backup bhi delete ho jayega. Simple uninstall karke install karoge toh messages aa jayenge. Probably aap admin rahoge he and members bhi.

  16. hai i lost my watsapp chat from my phone but i want it back there any solution to re take my chats.when reinstal the chats i cant get there any solutions to retake my chats from phone phone is windows 925.and it have no memory card

  17. I have WhatsApp database file of Windows lumia 720. I need to view my older message, bcz I’ve changed my phone to Android due to RAM and display problems. I just need to view the few conversations from database. Pls help me to view the database base crypt file. If I try to open the database file in sqlite it say as invalid format. Pls help me soon as possible bcz I need to view tht chat is important for me.

  18. Hi Im just switched my mobile Lumia 540 to iPhone 5S . how would i recover my whats app data. please tell me

  19. Heyy buddy..i am using Lumia 720 since june 2014 .. Actually my bro was using it and unfortunately he died on 9 June 2014. The mystery of his death is not solved till now … Will u plz help me to recover all chats and messages and all data of his phone .. So that i can get any clue about that accident … Plzz help me . I will wait fr ur reply.. .my Plz help me

  20. I want to know that if after sending or receiving any whatsapp chat if I delete it whether it will be saved in local backup drive of phone

  21. actually i have not backed up my whatsapp chats and i uninstall whatsapp.can i recover my previous chats.? i badly needed that chats. there is any option to recover tht..? i m window phone user lumia 625.

  22. sir iam using lumia 520 , i use my foreign number for whats app , i reset my mobile last week as of problem in my whats app i have more important msges in whats app that was unread by me, i have back up in cloud and SD card , few days earlier i updated my mobile and i give my abroad number without verifying sms it take from the back up. now i could not restore as i reset my mobile, i need to use the same number. do help me

  23. i m window phone user lumia 625. If backup is done automatically, then it should be stored somewhere. I formatted my phone – when I reinstalled whatsapp, it did not give me the option of ‘restoring old chats’. Why ? Something to do with 8.1 ? If i have the backup on email, does that help restoring ? If yes, what wud be the procedure ?

    1. Yes, if you have backup on email, copy the backup file into the Whatsapp Backup folder. Now re-install the Whatsapp, you’ll get message to restore the messages from the backup.

  24. Hey , can you help me in resolving my problem
    I have Lumia 630 and I have created a what’s app group and I was the only administrator and then I left the group I m not a member no more but now I want to delete that group permanently

  25. I am using Lumia 730 and accidentally deleted WhatsApp chat for one contact. I don’t have backup on one drive. Please tell me how to retrieve the chat. It’s extremely important. Please help me.

      1. hey i backuped my whatsapp chats and installed it, it gt restored … but again i clicked backup nd uninstalled my whatsapp and installed it again now i do nt hve mt chats restored wat shkd i do .. im a lumia 540 user

  26. Hi,I have uninstalled and reinstated my whatsapp to recover my old messages,not even 1(one)message showed instead it started afresh and no messages.I’m using Lumia Windows Phone 8.1.I’ve lost very important(Whatsapp)messages.Please help.

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