How to unblock almost any service/website using Hola!

In this age of internet censorship there are many popular services which are blocked or have have limited access in several countries. So today I am going to show you with an example how you can access a blocked website using Hola!. I will take Pandora — my favorite music service — as an example and walk you through how you can unblock your favorite website or service. This GIF here shows how you can access Pandora in Firefox outside U.S., Australia or New Zealand.

Use Hola to unblock Pandora outside the U.S.
Access Pandora outside the U.S. using Hola!

It’s pretty simple, go to install the add-on for Firefox (or the extension if you are using Chrome). Once done with the install make sure you have unblocked the website you want access to in Unblocker settings page(you service will turn green when you unblock). Now simply open up the website and it should work. If you need to unblock any more websites just click on Hola! icon on the top-right of you browser and click on settings, this will take you to a webpage with many websites that can be unblocked. The websites that can be unblocked are not limited to those listed on the unblocker settings page, you can search for a website too.

Hola! is a great service, it’s available for Firefox, Chrome, Android, Windows and Mac OS. So you can access your favorite website from almost any platform.

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  1. I like this service a lot, it’s very good and reliable. I recently found out that Hola! is also available on Torch browser, my default browser, so it’s gonna be even easier to use it, now that it’s integrated into the browser.

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