Block Phone Calls and SMS on Lumia 520/620/720/920/925 using the Call+SMS Filter App

How to Block Phone Calls and SMS on Lumia 520/620/720/920/925 using the Call+SMS Filter App

Following methods are applicable to Lumia 520, Lumia 620, Lumia 720, Lumia 920 and Lumia 925. It works for Microsoft Lumia and Nokia Lumia Windows Phone. Article updated with Call Pusher App.

Nokia SMS Call Block
Nokia SMS Call Block


How to block Calls from specific Phone Number:

  1. Go to Phone on the Start Screen
  2. In the call history, long-tap on the phone number which you would like to block
  3. In the drop-down menu, select Block Number
  4. Agree when the phone asks. After approval, the phone number will be added to the blocked list.
Blocked SMS Call Tile Lumia
Blocked SMS Call Tile Lumia


How to block Text Messages or SMS from specific Phone Number:

  1. Go to Messaging
  2. Long-tap on the thread of the SMS or text message
  3. Select Block number from the drop down menu
  4. The phone will ask you for confirmation
  5. Upon confirmation, the phone number will be added to block list and you’ll no longer receive SMS or text messages originating from that phone number.


There is a workaround available if Call Blocking Option does not show up automatically.

Follow this and you’ll be able to see Call and SMS Blocking App

  • Install “Sysapp Pusher” from the app store. Link to store Sysapp Pusher
  • Refresh the app list, then install “Accessories” from the Nokia list.

This will now add call blocking app and will show up on your setting list, near the bottom. This will work perfectly with Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia Windows Phone.


107 thoughts on “Block Phone Calls and SMS on Lumia 520/620/720/920/925 using the Call+SMS Filter App”

  1. I have a Nokia Lumina 920 and when I long tap on the thread of the SMS or text message the only option in the drop down message that I get is “delete”.
    I would really like to block a particular number from calls and messaging, but none of the suggested methods seem to work for me. Please advise.

    1. Hello Sarina,
      Have you updated your Nokia Lumia 920 to the latest update? Amber update added this extra feature, so unless you are not using latest update, this option won’t show up.

      I ask you to see if you are running on the latest software version or not.

      Thanks for sharing your problem here. I’ll try my best to solve it.

      1. My phone lumia 920 n im in indonesia. The call & sms blocker is not showing up too. N my windows is already amber. Please advice. Thx

        1. Hey! Call and SMS blocking option are added in Amber Update. But if still its not available for you and you would like to have it. Install application named “Sysapp Pusher”. This will do the job.

        1. What problem are you facing Altaf? Are you not able to find the option or you are receiving error while trying to open the app?

    2. go to settings->call+sms filter->make sure “block calls+sms” is on.
      then tab on the number u want to block,will get the “block number” option there.

      1. why do you have to assume we can find what you are talking about ? whats wrong with 1 turn phone on 2 press ,,,,you get,,,, press ,,,, you get,,,?

    3. go to the app then click on BLOCKED NUMBERS then click on ‘+’ option. add the number you want to block. CHECK IT 🙂

  2. I’ve got a Nokia Lumia 925 – brand new – and I don’t have an option to block. Do I need to download an app or something? There are no updates either. Help!

    1. Hey Jackie!
      Contact Nokia Australia as this function might be Region Locked, sounds funny but the call blocking features is available for your device.

      1. cant open the call+sms filter it says try again later or restart your phone ..i restarted my phone still not working…give me a solution to it

      1. Mere pas Lumia 620 mobile h usme block Ni ho rha h koi bi text ya msgs only delete ka option aa rha h so plz mujhe is option k bare m advice de

  3. Hai I have Nokia Lumia 520 when i long tap on a no for block only delete option is coming please help me to solve the issue

    1. Are you running your phone on latest software?
      Did you try installing Sysapp Pusher and then adding the number to block list?

      1. I did inslal sysap pusher on my phone but still doesn’t work,it say I must restart my phone and I did that but it did not work

  4. hey.. i hv lumia 520.. the app dwnloaded to my phone .. but i m unable to open it .. wat to do? its giving a msg dat try again l8r.
    plz help out….

    1. Hey Ridhi,
      Are you getting this error while trying to install Sysapp Pusher? Might be network issue. Are you getting this error message repeatedly?

  5. please help i use Nokia Lumia 620 and i can’t find caller blocker,i go to sysapp pusher,but still saying can’t open the filter at this moment try again or restart your phone

    1. Hey Viki,
      Is your phone running on the latest update? If your phone is not updated then Sysapp Pusher will not be able to detect Call+SMS Blocking option in order to show it. Update your phone and try installing Sysapp Pusher. Hope it helps 🙂

  6. I have updated my phone lumia 520 and installed call+sms filter app. But when I’m trying to open it from settings there was an error msg and it asking me to restart my phone. Even after restarting I still face same error msg.

    Do you have any solutions to that?

    1. Looks as if users are facing this problem after Black update. Are you running your phone on Black Update Koushik?

      1. Hi Ayush ,

        the issue is only coming after black update.
        Im using 520 with black and i had installed Sysapp Pusher and update Call+SMS Filter App but still is it not working.

        Is there any option to fix this issue.

        1. Exactly Rajnikant. It works pretty well with those phone which are not running on Black Update. Black Update ruined it. Nokia better fix it real soon.


  7. hae just wanna say thank you for helping me on my phone Lumia 620,i did all what you said and its works very good i appreciate and happy to use windows phones thenx and keep it up.

  8. hae just wanna say thank you for helping me on my Nokia Lumia 620,I did all what you said and it works very good I appreciate and happy to use windows phone thanx and keep it up

  9. hae just wanna say thank you for helping me with my Nokia Lumia 620,i did all what you said and it works very good i appreciate and happy to use windows phones thanx and keep it up.

  10. Hi mate, I believe your right. Im running Lumia Black now and call + sms filter wont open. Instead just gives an error saying “cant open the app at the moment, please wait or restart you phone”

  11. I hv Lumia 520 and I hv downloaded call +sms filter app but it is not working…even I hv downloaded sys app pusher, amber update, accessories, extras+ info…
    but still it is not working….it says pls try again later or restart your phone….wt should I have. To do…pls help

  12. hy Ayush,
    i have the same problem on my phone, lumia 520. can t open the app.i don t know what you mean by black update.i really neead this can i fix it?are there some steps?and what do u mean by black update and how i take it off, or put it in so it can work….?

    1. i looked in extras + info and there says nokia enhancements. virsion this not the black i have to get it?how do i install it?

      1. There is issue with the application. Many users are facing this problem. BTW try updating Extra Plus info and check if it works or not.

  13. hey is there is any other option to update my nokia lumia 520 without wifi. and any link which were connecting it on my pc and do the update. because i didnt have any wifi connection to update my phone and i had my pc with internet to update. please share the ans

  14. I have a 935 and I get the error message telling me it cant open the call and SMS Filter ..asking me to restart my phone. Even after restarting I still get the same error msg. I have installed and run Sysapp Pusher ……… but it is still the same ………. As for “Black Update” ??? I have no idea whether that is on my phone or not.

    1. go to the Sysapp Pusher and install extras+info. that is the black update and it should work after this.good luck!

  15. Even after updating the Extras Info iam getting the same error when accessing the call and SMS filter app…pls reply…

    1. If your phone in running in Black Update, there is probability that it won’t work. Users on Black Update are having hard time getting Call and SMS Filter to work.

  16. I am using Lumia 520. I too get the same error message while trying to open call+sms filter. I Don’t know what this black update is. However i have found an app in my store named “Lumia black update”. Should i install it? Will it help open the call +sms filter. I am in a dire need of it. Please help.

    1. Hey Krishna, latest software update for Lumia devices has been named Black or Black Update. You should wait for a while before Nokia release new update and Call and SMS filter will be fixed.

      1. hey ayush can i please know why am getting something went wrong message that cant filter at the moment please try it later please help me out from this

    2. you need to go to settings calls+SMS Filter turn on block then tap on the number you want to block a menue should popup to block

  17. thanks,
    You help me a lot…
    i am not found the call filter option and i am frustrated when i check in youtube video it shows me that go to call filter option but i didnt found in my cell but your worked man.

    thanks man!!!!!

  18. I have a Nokia Lumia 820 and I get the error message telling me it can’t open the call and SMS Filter ..asking me to restart my phone. Even after restarting I still get the same error msg. I have installed and run Sysapp Pusher and extras+info but it is still the same ……….or 820 does not support Black Update” ? I have no idea whether it support or not

    1. Ibrahim have you updated your Nokia 820 to Black Update? If yes, you will not be able to get it working. There are some issues and Nokia is working on it.

  19. Wat is black update i have installed sysapp pussher n call+sms flitr bt these app r not working how can i use black update

    1. The newest software update from Nokia is called Black Update. Call Blocking is not working on devices running Black Update.

  20. Even after installing sysapp pusher and installing call+sms filter, it is not opening. Please advice. I have a nOkia lumia 720

    1. if you get the error as restart the phone or try again late while blocking the number in your NOKIA Lumia 520, you just go to store and update the extras+info to the latest version,hope this will be helpful,

  21. hi .. i instaulled sysapp pusher and all the necessary procedure.. i instaulled the call+sms filter… but when i open it .. it says .. someting went wrong .. cant open the filter at the moment.. plz try again or restart … nd my phone is lumia 520.. help me out ..

  22. hi
    i blocked and unblocked a number for many times but now i cant unblock it it says the number is unblocked but the number still is in the block list what should i do now for unblocking it?

  23. hello i am facing a smilar problem, thing is i m nt able to delete a particular numbr frm my block list, though its telling its unblocked, but d numbr just stays dere

  24. if you get the error as restart the phone or try again late while blocking the number in your NOKIA Lumia 520, you just go to store and update the extras+info to the latest version,hope this will be helpful,

  25. Thank you for the suggestion , now i am able to block unwanted calls in my Lumia 520 after updating extras+info..

  26. The problem with the current call-blocking system is that a call has to come through before it can be blocked for subsequent attempts.
    What would be really useful is the ability to enter a number you want to block in the same way you can add a contact. That way, you can set up known nuisances/;stalkers etc so they’ll never get through.

  27. i updated my lumia 720 with windows8.1 but now i am facing problem with texting its like that if i tap on space bar i can’t able to type the other alphabets even i face the same problem in whatsapp andin sms also. how do i cope up with??

  28. sir i couldn’t fine this application at the store i.e call+sms filter
    where can i get this application and install plz reply me . . .

  29. Can u plz hlp me when I wnt to ope sms+filter it says something went wrong I MST restart my foun but still nothing

  30. Hi!! I m using Nokia Lumia 520 nd there is no option of block number when i long tap the number which i have to block. Please advise

  31. hello . i’d like to know how i can block a number which is not in my history.i mean.i deleted that number and my history is,is there any other way to block a number ? 🙂

  32. Sir please get solution on my mail.problem is that I have blocked few number through blocked list but now I m reaching these contact when I m going blocked list they get me popup for error. Error is: Something went wrong some trouble check after some time. I m doing this process so many times but I am not able to delete number from blocked list please help me

  33. Thank you very much for the info….understood your instructions enough to block a nuisance…and I am no techy

  34. Just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me advice on how to block numbers on my phone, now I know how simple it is!! Lol

  35. I’m using call + SMS filter app on my Nokia WP and seem to be having a different problem.
    Even though I have the notifications set and live tile to On, I never received notification that I had received a message from a blocked number. (I happened to check beyond the LIve Tilebox and and saw that I had a text)
    When I went clicked to go ahead and add back to message/Inbox, it disappeared! I can not find any trace of this message now.

  36. Hello Mr. Ayush. I have lumia 720 Denim. Earlier sms+call filter was working fine. Now I have tried all method, uninstall, reinstall system is update. Worst part is, if you uninstall a software, it would not work in background. But when I uninstalled it, it still blocks my calls and messages. I am not getting even One time passwords from any website. How can I completely uninstall it so that sms+call filter may not block my any of messages. I shall be very grateful if you send me solution at my email.

      1. Let me explain you in detail. Initially Call+SMS filter was working fine. I blocked some numbers which were sending me spam messages from their online system. I do not know how online sms system works, by blocking some spam messages, my bank messages were also blocked, which I could easily check in blocked messages folder, so I faced no problem. Now after up gradation, Call+SMS filter is not working at all . It shows error “SOMETHING WENT WRONG. THAT DID NOT WORK, THOUGH IT IS NOT CLEAR WHY. TRY IT AGAIN.” And I am unable to open blocked message folder and can not check my messages.
        Now the problem is messages which were blocked before up gradation, are still blocked and that messages can not be un blocked as Call+SMS filter is not working. Worst is that even after un installing Call+SMS filter, my blocked messages remain blocked. When I have to upgrade or modify in Yahoo etc., they send CONFIRMATION CODE OR ONE TIME PASSWORD (OTP). I neither receive CODE or OTP. Finally, I had to buy another mobile and sim to use OTP/CODE, as LUMIA 720 does not support dual sim.
        I had searched on web for more than last six months to find possible solution. I have tried changing country name, I have many times uninstalled and re installed Call+SMS filter, I have soft started my mobile many times. I do not want to take risk of HARD Restart as it may erase my valuable data or other contents.
        I shall be heartily thankful to you, if you can solve my problem. I even do not mind calling you on phone, if you can provide me your phone by email, since you are from India.

  37. You can block Private numbers. There’s a toggle in the advanced options to auto block calls from withheld numbers.

  38. Hello, I have a windows mobile.However there is no feature like Call + SMS blocking in my mobile. I have two queries. I’ve heard of an app called SYSAPP PUSHER. Will this really work ? Will this app add the required feature of blocking unwanted calls and sms in my mobile? 2nd query is i haven’t updated my phone software in the recent times. So do i need to update my phone first and then install this SYSAPP PUSHER? Please answer.

  39. I have nokia lumia 620
    I want to use call sms block application
    I have downloaded it from sysapp pushet
    But its not working properly. Kindly guide me how can i use it. Plzz.

  40. It’s not possible to block a number on Lumia 630 denim, the call+sms filter is not there & doesn’t work wen u download one. Nokia tell people the truth & stop playing/lying to us. One hell of a design!. Piece of crap

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