Gardening with Magic? – Check out Miramagia

If you enjoy gardening, and are curious about magic, you will really like the browser game Miramagia. Miramagia was created by Travian Games GmbH, and the official launch date was August 2011, although it was initially released in April, as a beta. Players have a choice of characters to select as their avatar, and can play the game as a shaman, a witch, a Druid, or a mage.

The game begins by sharing various interesting and fun lessons on plants and magical shrubs. You are also taught how to grow herbs. Spells are taught too, and once the first ones are mastered, you are introduced to a hatchling baby dragon, for which you gain full responsibility for, maintaining its upkeep, and making sure all of its needs are taken care of. The nurturing of the baby dragon is quite important, and if you do a good job of it, you will have a very powerful and strong companion, to assist you later on in the game.

As you continue to play Miramagia, you’ll be bombarded with countless challenges that increase in difficulty. To successfully conquer these challenges, you will have to become more proficient with your gardening, taking great care of rare plants, while learning how to conjure up more powerfully potent spells. There is a spell for practically everything, and you’ll learn how to cast spells to make it rain, or even alter complete climate zones. Duties to your community will also increase as you get deeper into the game, like watering the local village tree on a regular basis. Neighbouring communities, located in the villages and valleys, get to compete with each other in the game too.

Miramagia fuses farm games with fantasy and magic, and getting into your role is easy, thanks to the beautifully detailed, and meticulously hand-drawn graphics. Atmospheric animations breathe life into the graphics, to deliver a highly captivating and enthralling gaming experience. It’s easy to love the browser game Miramagia, which was developed by Bright Future, a studio based in Cologne. Bright Future was founded in 2006, and are highly esteemed among their fellow developers, and players. They also developed the games Rail Nation and Truck Nation.

Miramagia is a world of pure fantasy, with amazing mystical creatures and extraordinary plants and herbs. While playing the game you are introduced to lots of people that make up the Miramagia community; and making your garden the prettiest in the village, can be a fun and shared objective with family and friends.

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